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Coronavirus: Anxiety is increasing as doctors and health workers get infected

Coronavirus: Anxiety is increasing as doctors and health workers get infected
Coronavirus: Anxiety is increasing as doctors and health workers get infected

 According to an association of doctors, 15 percent of the patients diagnosed with coronavirus in Bangladesh are health workers, including doctors and nurses.

 According to the Bangladesh Physicians Foundation, coronavirus treatment could collapse if health workers are infected at this rate and their numbers decline.

 Doctors are addressing their concerns over various issues, including their safety measures and housing crisis.

 The government says the strategy is working to prevent a crisis for health workers.

 So far 205 doctors in Bangladesh have been infected with coronavirus.  More than 6 nurses were also affected.

 The Bangladesh Physicians Foundation has compiled a list of identified health workers from across the country.

 According to the organization, there are now 65,000 doctors in government and private hospitals in the country and the number of nurses will be around 32,000.

 Dr. Nirupam Das, chief coordinator of the Physicians Foundation, said that the rate at which health workers, including doctors, are being affected, could lead to a crisis for health workers.

 "The incidence rate among doctors in Bangladesh is around 13 per cent. And if we calculate with nurses, the incidence will be 15 per cent. If this rate of incidence among health workers continues now, the health system will collapse in 15 to 20 days."

 He also said, "We have demanded from the government to provide quality PPE. We want the quality PPE that the World Health Organization is talking about.

 "Initially (PPE) was not of that standard. We found in one of our surveys that 99 per cent of doctors in private hospitals did not have any safety equipment."

 Image caption Many health workers are still concerned about their safety.

 At the beginning of the coronavirus infection in Bangladesh, there were widespread complaints that health workers, including doctors, did not wear protective clothing and masks.

 In that context, the government should provide adequate PPE and masks.  But questions about the value of them also arise.

 Not only the treatment of coronavirus, but many other health workers have been affected by the treatment of other diseases.  As a result, all forms of medical care were stalled.
 Professor Trupti Das, chairman of the Guinea Department of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University Hospital, said, "I mean PPE, complete protection. To me, it seems we are not properly protected everywhere."

 '' We work indoors, starting outdoors.  Everywhere it seems we are not so secure.  All in all, there is no end to the worries, "says Tripti Das.

 Dr Bay-Nazir Ahmed, a former director of the Department of Disease Control at the Department of Disease Control, said there was a lack of planning.

 "In Bangladesh, the number of health workers, including doctors and nurses, is low. If the number of health workers there increases, the crisis will increase. What will be the alternatives if the number of health workers, including doctors, is reduced - or I think the government does not have a plan in place so health workers can continue their services safely."  . "

 However, Director General of the Department of Health Prof. Abul Kalam Azad declined to accept the allegations.

 He claimed that the government was moving forward with a specific plan or strategy.

 "Of course the government has a strategy. We have said that doctors have to divide the responsibilities in such a way that they will work for 14 days. Then they will go to the 14-day quarantine. Then they will spend time with the family.  After spending time with family, the previous batch will come back to work. This is how we took action. "

 Professor Abul Kalam Azad further said that if the number of health workers decreases, there is also a thought to use retired or private practitioners.

 However, in Dhaka and district cities, when health workers, including doctors, are going to the hospital to provide services to those infected with coronavirus, there are also problems with their accommodation.

 Officials claim that efforts are being made to address various issues including housing crisis with highest priority.

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