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              CORONA UPDATE NEWS


UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has warned that the situation in Corona virus will only get worse. He sent a message to every British family on Saturday (March 25). General Chat Chat Lounge​ According to the BBC, the British Prime Minister said in the letter that strict restrictions may be imposed to prevent coronary outbreaks. He has been on quarantine since he was diagnosed with corona virus in Johnson's body during a health examination. General Chat Chat Loung Johnson, however, presided over a meeting on Saturday morning to prevent corona transmission via video-conference.

In that letter, he informed the people of the British Government's action against Covid-1. General Chat Chat Loung It cost around £ 100,000 to send that letter to nearly three million families in the UK. The letter has also been given a leaflet detailing every British citizen, detailed government regulations and health information about leaving home.

General Chat Chat Loung Boris Johnson wrote in the letter, "From the beginning we have tried to take the right action at the right time. If we are asked to do something in scientific and medical advice, we must do so.

"We know the situation will get worse before it gets better," he said. General Chat Chat Loung But we are preparing well, and the more we all follow the rules, the less life will be lost and the sooner life can return to normal. '

General Chat Chat Loung Johnson referred to the Corona epidemic in his letter as a "national emergency" and urged everyone to stay home to protect the national health service and save lives.

General Chat Chat Loung He praised the work of the doctors, nurses and other caregivers, as well as the millions of people who have volunteered to help people with disabilities.

General Chat Chat Loung Experts believe that the number of corona viruses and deaths will continue to rise in the next two to three weeks before the impact of the social distance and the restrictions imposed on everyday life to prevent the coronary virus.

General Chat Chat Loung In a letter to the British Prime Minister, the medical director of the National Health Service in England also said Saturday that it was not yet time to worry about the virus.

General Chat Chat Loung At the government's regular corona virus briefing, Professor Stephen Pois said, "Each of us is working to keep the death toll below 25,000 in the UK.
Let's try to improve my immune system without dying for fear that the virus can enter at any time. That's what I assumed to be the principal. Because there is no virus-free, bacterial world.
                          Some Tips
Let's forget about Corona. General Chat Chat Loung is surrounded by multi-drug resistant tuberculosis. Where, Tibito did not chest? Why not The immune system is good. So how can the immune system be enhanced?

In this case I'm following one thing. Regular Exercise. General Chat Chat Loung Suddenly there is no dumbball, no bumble. Whatever exercise you feel comfortable doing, make it regular.

Secondly, adequate rest. Third, eat any one multi-vitamin. Vitamin C and zinc increase immunity somewhat. Fourth, everyone's throat is a bit sour at this point. General Chat Chat Loung So keep it in hot water. And it doesn't mean to scratch your throat.

Again, kbid-1 does not mean death. Detroit is just two percents. So there is nothing to fear. No need to put on more masks.

What I did was not remove it after using the surgical mask. General Chat Chat Loung I've been in Bright Sunshine for at least three hours. Because sunshine kills many viruses and bacteria. I'm not giving a hand to my face.

And since I am not coming out, I forbid the driver to come. And when an outside housekeeper arrives, I tell him to wash his hands and feet with soap. General Chat Chat Loung And I'm talking to him at least a meter away. I told Mrs. I am doing the same.

Another thing is, I am eating more protein by reducing carbohydrates and fats. Because protein enhances diet immunity. However, fish, meat, eggs do not need to be eaten together. General Chat Chat Loung Whatever is happening. Mix two types of pulses with it. Very high protein. You have to drink plenty of water.

And walk in the open air in the afternoon. I'm on the roof. Whatever age you are, adhering to them will increase the immunity. If we grow we can fight.
General Chat Chat Loung.

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