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3 coronaviruses infected in Bangladesh

     █▒▒▒ Breaking News ▒▒▒█

** 3 coronaviruses infected in Bangladesh: IEDCR.

** Two of them are male and one is female.

** One in 3 people returned to Italy.

** They were kept in a quarantine hospital.

General Chat Chat Lounge​ On the other hand, the World Health Organizations​ (WHO) said in a report quad-1 (corona virus) more than 4 times faster than the world outside China. At the same time, all countries have been urged to take appropriate steps to prevent Corona. General Chat Chat LoungHu's Director-General Traders Adanam Gebreyesu said the Corona virus should be prevented anyway. It is not a time of surrender. No time for no excuses. Everyone has to deal with this situation unitedly. .The death toll on the corona virus spread from China was not stopped. The deadly virus killed four more people in China. General Chat Chat Lounge The death toll in the country has risen to around 3,042 and the worldwide death toll has risen to 3,385 from the Chinese mainland yesterday. General Chat Chat Lounge Although the numbers increased slightly yesterday, the rate of corona virus infection in China has dropped significantly, according to researchers. The source of the virus, in particular, is outside Hubei province. Twenty-one more died in Hubei on Thursday. Of these, the death toll in Wuhan city was 25. General Chat Chat Lounge So far in China, 80,552 people have been diagnosed with the Corona virus. A senior researcher controlling corona in the country said the Corona virus infection rate could drop to zero in other cities in China, by the middle of this month. General Chat Chat Lounge In December last year, the corona virus, similar to the pneumonia, began to leave China's Mediterranean Hubei. Even if the country does not admit it in the first place, the alarming rate of the Circe of the 25 has gone beyond increasing the mortality rate. Six died of SARS. .And in Corona, 3 thousand 385 people died. In addition to China, the virus has spread to about 86 countries worldwide.
General Chat Chat Lounge.
It’s very sed news we pray all infection people.

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